Producing Experience


Rudolph on Zoom!

Mary Poppins on Zoom!

High School Musical On Zoom!

Sound Of Music on Zoom!



Romeo Muller & Johnny Marks

Bill Walsh & Don DaGradi 

David Lawrence/Peter Barsocchini

Rogers & Hammerstein

Nicole Zau/Sophia Khoroushi

Theatre Company

DotCom Theatre Coo.

DotCom Theatre Co.

DotCom Theatre Co.

DotCom Theatre Co.

Unified Theatre

Stage Management Experience


Evening of Shakespeare


Party Worth Crashing

The Miraculous Journey...

Thanks for Flushing...

Flight of the Lawn Chair Man


William Shakespeare

Phillip Magin

Kerrigan Lowdermilk

Dwayne Hartford

Jonathan Dorf

Ullian and Lindsey-Nassif

Theatre Company

The Shakespeare Co. at UCLA

Mainstage Mavericks

Breakthrough Workshop

SD Junior Theatre

Breakthrough Workshop

SD Junior Theatre


UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television: B.A- Integrated Studies
Directing:  Angie Scott, Michael Hackett, J. Ed Araiza, Shirley Jo Finney

Stage Management: Elizabeth Brohm Hanrahan, Ross Jackson

Playwriting: Anna Fox, Sylvan Oswald

Dramaturgy: Dominic Taylor, Sean Metzger, Suk-Young Kim, Michelle Carriger

Additional Experience

Outreach DirectorThe Shakespeare Co. at UCLA (2020)

A new position created for UCLA Shakespeare Company’s General Board, to bring in new members in order to extend the reach of classical theater education.

Founder/Producer- DotCom Theater Company (2020)

Provided parodic, theatrical entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic through Zoom and YouTube. While managing production and technology, productions have been able to garner audiences of about 50 (the size of a Blackbox theater).

Publicity Manager- CCA Comedy Sportz (2017-2018)

Managed a team of five people.

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